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Level Up

Without diving into your budget

Add a Fractional Chief Brand Officer to your team!

Benefits Beyond Budget

Get more than you pay for

  • Get a C-Suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hired.

Access to a breadth of expertise

  • Give projects a head start knowing the strategy is cutting-edge, because it’s built from business insights, decision marketing and execution h

Get more than you pay for:

  • Get a C-Suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hired.

Get more than you pay for:

  • Get a C-Suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hired.

Get more than you pay for:

  • Get a C-Suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hired.

Get more than you pay for:

  • Get a C-Suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hired.

Benefits Beyond Budget

of hiring a Fractional CBO

Get more than what you pay

Get a C-suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hire.

Get more than what you pay

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Benefits Beyond Budget

Why the Fractional Model makes sense:

  • Get more than what you pay for. Get a C-suite hire for the cost of a mid-level hire.

  • Bring in a breadth of expertise you can’t otherwise access. Ensure your strategies are cutting-edge because your business to insights, decision making and execution, from a variety of  industries.

  • Give your current marketing team more. More leadership, more professional growth, more confidence, more wins, more workplace fulfillment.
  • Create flexibility and scalability. Bring your talent budget in line with your needs – both when and how much you need it. 
  • Be able to challenge the Status Quo. A fractional officer is only about the work. They thrive on identifying opportunities, plus they have the experise to lead you to results beyond your internal team’s experience. 

  • Hit the ground running. Don’t lose time to traditional on-boarding. They are adept at evaluating your needs and the market environment. They know how to bypass common pitfall and tailor strategies to align with your business goals. 

Where a Fractional Chief Band Officer Makes Sense:


Brands start as an idea. But it takes bang on choices on how to present them, to make them memorable and influential.

Market & Grow

It is a lot like gardening. Analyze the conditions and environment, before finding the best place to plant (market) it. Then keep an eye out for threats and opportunities. so it will keep growing. 


Sh*** happens. Could be your (un)doing or someone else’s. Navigating the way forward requires more than some carefully crafted statements.


(Chief Brand Officer) or (Chief Marketing Officer)

Chief Brand Officers (CBOs) lend expertise throughout the brand’s lifecycle. We can start at the creation stage, market and grow a RESILNT brand that can withstand a crisis. Or get pulled in at the crisis point, and then rebuild, market and grow a RESILNT brand. 

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) focus on the marketing and growth stage, with an emphasis on expanding market share and increasing sales. 

Hire a fractional CBO for in-house expertise across the lifestyle of your brand. You’ll have the flexibility and end-to-end support to pivot, or double down in today’s dynamic business climate.

Even survive and thrive in a crisis.

Fiona (Fi) Birch

Creating RESILNT came after two decades of working both brand and agency side – across multiple industries. 

Case Studies


A prison sentence and a hungry tabloid.


BACKGROUND: The Saturday morning message read – do you work internationally and outside sports? A few hours later I was on Zoom with an entertainer, who had traded in the stage for a podcast microphone and some business software. He was in shock, in tears and incensed by his business partner’s private actions, that now threatened the business they had built together.

PROCESS: Working from the truth is the only way a business can survive a crisis management situation. But there is no time to earn trust and no fast way to get it. From my end, if they did something – I need to know now, if they say they didn’t – I have to decide if I believe them. 

And then, regardless if I have the truth or I believe them, I need to act fast. But not in haste. 

REALITY: I rarely believe them. I choose to believe them. Then I run two consecutive plans in my head, until I have the proof to support their words.

ATHLETES VS ENTREPRENEURS: Working outside sport is radically different than inside it. Athletes have skin that is tougher than the leather of a baseball mit, a football or hockey gloves. You can (and have to) speak to them differently. Their lifetime has been criticism and coaching (which sometimes is the same thing). 

I put the difference in business and sports down to one key difference. Athletes in a team are all coached by the same coach. Motivated by the same coach. Disciplined by the same coach. A football coach doesn’t describe a play in multiple ways. They have one vocabulary, one legend, one scribble – for one play. And everyone on the team has to understand, learn and follow it. But in business, an entrepreneur finds their own way. And they have to approach different industries, different clients, different sexes, and different levels of experience in different ways. 

THERE’S NO MAGIC: Regardless of who I’m working with, I don’t’ have a crystal ball. I make decisions based on the information we have and the end goal we want. Then we assess and make another decision. As we get new information, we make another. I was not a good chess player but Hollywood has taught me “look at the board, when you see the end of the game, move the next piece. Crisis communications is the same. You’re only moving one piece at a time, but you can see the five moves beyond that. Each move can change those next five moves. But you always have them in your head. Plus five more in a different direction if it all goes to hell in a handbasket. 

THE WAY FORWARD: The time between me choosing to believe and actually believing, on this job, was about 30 hours. Through his actions and reactions, it was evident he knew nothing of his partner’s actions (in fact was still finding stuff out). 

Now the only potential roadblock was my ability to balance the timing and content of information for customers, with my client’s ability to face this. He wanted to remain ignorant to the facts as they came out because he felt shame for not knowing what his partner had done.  

Less than 24 hours from that first Zoom we had our first statement to the public. I had intentionally left some information out. Some needed time to gather and some were based on actions that we couldn’t yet carry out. Other information I knew the public would want, but by waiting for the second statement we could:

1. Provide a more detailed first statement on the information we chose to provide first. This decision was necessary because this business is a community based business. So while detailed statements are often avoided (because you are giving people more hooks to get snagged on), in this scenario, the community needs to be spoken to in the same way they are used to – directly and with all the details, holding nothing back (on the topics we chose to cover now). Not doing this posed a greater risk than a lengthy statement would. 

2. Provide an email for people to send questions and 


questions@[company].com email for people to ask questions and send their thoughts on the situation. I’m a firm believer in a constant and real-time  “information gathering” tool because it tells us: 

  •  How we are and aren’t meeting public expectations
  •  What information we need to put out and don’t need to get out
  • What the public is struggling to understand or believe
  • What they do understand and believe



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